Thursday, May 29, 2014

DIABLOS nearing historic signing.......

Disappointed after 2 sub-standard tournament showings, El Conquistador is putting it all on the line trying to acquire the hottest free agent on the wiffle ball market, LH slugging, power hitter extraordinaire Ross Bennett, currently employed by the Honey Badgers Wiffle Ball Club. According to El Conquistador, Bennett is the perfect fit for the Diablos mash and bash lineup and would infuse a jolt into what is an otherwise already HOF lineup... Says El C "RB has been on our radar for some time. It just so happens that I caught wind at the little league park last night that he is potentially a free agent. Obviously from a GM standpoint, it would be ridiculous and irresponsible for me to not entertain and pursue Bennett to become part of the Diablos". Although nothing is official, reports are out that Bennett is demanding a multi year deal that would include a number of perks as mentioned in the recently released press release below....
Knowing El Conquistador's relentless pursuit of another championship, there's no question he's willing to beg, borrow and steal to make this deal happen. Stay tuned as this is a developing situation.

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Anonymous said...

-Official "Team Stag" press release-

Team Stag (2013 world champs) would like to congratulate Ross Bennett for his recent defection from the Honey Badgers. Although we respect Mr. Bennett's ability a great deal, we are in no way worried about the recent aquisition affecting our run at a repeat. It is our thought that this recent addition to the Diablos is nothing more than a talented bandaid on an otherwise hemorraging franchise.
Team Stag